Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New Wolfenstein video(s) from me!

(Note: kakhome1 is my YouTube name.)

Based on ideas for a challenge I came up with in this thread, I am playing and recording my own playthrough of Wolfenstein 3D on I am Death Incarnate!

The thread explains the ideas but it is basically to be:
-Playing on I am Death Incarnate
-As quick as possible (beating all par times is mandatory)
-Without saving or loading
-Playing the entire episode continuously, including the boss/secret levels, without running out of lives
-Using no secrets for supplies unless they are mandatory or hide the secret elevator
-Playing each level from a scratch (pistol and 8 bullets) start

It turns out the first episode I have succeeding with this one and recorded a video for is Episode 4: A Dark Secret. The video can be found here or you can watch it below. I hope you enjoy and all commentary is welcome! :)

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