Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Yeah it was my Birthday last Saturday. I feel old, I guess because most of the people in the forum are like 18 and i'm nearly twice that. I guess the scary part is that a lot of them know more than me about wolf and coding and tech stuff then me and their nearly half my age.

oh well, Christmas is nearly here. I'm not religious but even I can't believe how lost the traditionalism of Christmas has become. I was talking to a couple of 4 year olds at a party the other day and they didn't know anything about the religiousness of Christmas at all, all they could tell me was that Santa came and gave them presents.

Any way haven't been doing much on my mods this last week or so. I'm installing the directional sprites tutorial at the moment and am just stuck on one thing, but it should be working soon.

I have been testing Thomas' ATAW mod as it's near completion and this mod is just awesome. It uses the original graphics but it is serioulsy better than the original Wolf! If you only play 1 wolf mod this year then.....blah blah blah, HAHA, no seriously, it really is that good. I think it will be out early next year.

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