Monday, January 07, 2008

Escape From Castle Holle Released!!

Well it's been a while since I posted. I have actually thought of adding to this each month but I've been given some server space so my intentions are to create a website for my mods and news and switch this blog to there but each month has come and gone and I haven't managed to get that done just yet. I will be working on getting the website up soon, hopefully.
After 2 years work and a few delays I finally released 'Escape from Castle Holle' in December. You can download it HERE.

I was really happy how this came out and the feedback, although small, has been nicely positive about it, I really hope that everyone enjoys playing it and that they get a good challenge out of it, it was a lot of hard work and theres quite a few surprises in there for those that play it all the way through.I was fortunate to be awarded the Wolfenstein 3D Dome award of the Month for December 2007 for 'Escape from Castle Holle', thanks Brian it is greatly appreciated.

AReyeP and MCS released and add-on level for End of destiny as a Christmas present to the Community. The level is challenging and fun and great to play and I recommend everyone has a go at it. You can download it HERE, it is also located at AReyeP's site which can be accessed HERE of via the Links section on the right of this page.

I've had some major PC issues lately and this has severly affected me getting anything done, luckily these came after EFCH was released. First, my motherboard crashed so I got that replaced then I started having HDD issues. I also copped a trojan which caused a heap of problems and everything kept crashing so I saved what I could and formatted my HDD. It all seems to be working a bit better now but I realised that my Windows hadn't been getting it's updates when I reinstalled it as I got 90 in one go! Everything is running much smoother now except that for some reason all my music files go corrupted so i lost the lot, over 2,500 songs! I had about 500 on my laptop and another 1,000 are from CD's that I own but that still means that 1,000 songs that I've copied or downloaded have all been lost, not too happy about this let me tell you...

Well thats it for another Month, I will keep posting each Month now until I get the website up and running. I will advise of the address and when it will be live - stay tuned and keep wolfing!

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