Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Released: The DieHard Wolfers TC SDL

After more than 8 years, the DHWTC has finally been completed and released! This sat dormant for a number of years until Andy_Nonymous, myself and a few others took over the reigns back in January of this year and steered this one through to completion.
Since THIS feature, plus some questioning at the DHW forum, the decision was made to see if this could be finished off and finally released for everyone to enjoy. A huge thanks to Ringman, Loki and ack for popping their heads in and helping with some of the missing information about bits of the mod from years back and a massive thanks goes to Andy who took over the coordination of the project and spent many hours sorting through everything trying to work out what still needed to be done.

The mod was found to be mostly completed, only missing a couple of levels, some story development, some sprites, a title screen and a few other bits and pieces.
Andy has also updated the engine into SDL which fixes some of the old bugs. This shows as a time capsule in a way when one reads the list of contributions from the community members that gave their time to making this over the years. This would certainly have to be the mod with the longest credits list I've ever seen!

The mod contains 30 levels (3 x 10 level episodes) that need to be unlocked one at a time. There is a huge amount of things in this that only those involved know about and I guarantee you will be surprised by the direction the mod takes and how different it is from the original game.
Everything in the game has been replaced from the original and has artwork to a level that I've never seen before with the new guards being the real highlight, in my opinion.

The mod can be downloaded from HERE. (Updated Version - 02/10/2011)
The Original thread at DHW used for development can be read HERE.

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  1. DHW TC SDL is really great mod that i never seen before. thanx for strange entertainment. :)